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Raster and Vector

Raster and vector are two kinds of picture files, are raster images Pixel-based and are captured with a camera or a scanner. They are mostly applied on the web in the form of jpg, gif, or png. Vector files stores visualized information i.e. a series of mathematical instructions on x-axes and y-axes positions. Vector graphics are generated with vector software which is used on a physical product or in CAD, engineering, and 3D graphics.

Raster images quality depends on the resolution. They are refined to a specific resolution to increase the quality of the raster image. Raster graphics resolution is measured in dpi, or dots per inch. With the increasing dpi, resolution increases as well. That’s why raster files are larger than vector files and are less economical, takes more time to display and print, difficult to work with and less versatile. Raster is standard for Web. But it can be easily converted to vector files to have precise vector on mathematical formulas so shapes such as polygons, lines, curves, circles and rectangles are used to define the geometric dimensions, mostly utilized for structured images, like line art graphics with flat, uniform color.

Raster and Vector

Vector images are smaller in size; they don’t have tiny pixels like the raster. They are created just to view the image through the monitor or printer. They are more efficient and versatile. However you can convert the files from vector to raster or raster to vector, which may take a lot of time as it depends on the complexity of the files.

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