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Model Retouching Service

Model retouching is a process where all the photos are revised to get the final look. Through retouching blemishes, dirt or unwanted particles can be deleted or erased. When you are working with a live model, you will always need a bit of retouching no matter how perfect the click is. Some models may have blemishes, redness on the skin, wrinkles and even scars, these all can be erased by retouching, Retouching is very quick to do but it needs a lot of attention, a silly mistake can make your model look old and bad. Every model has their own beautiful beauty, some flaws are always acceptable for us but not for the consumers, they always find fault you have or did.

“EVEN THE MOON HAS FLAWS”, that doesn’t mean a model with beautiful jawlines but with some acne cannot be your product model. Her flaws shouldn’t be her disadvantage; her beauty should be the advantage for your product.

Model retouching is the most important part of the E-commerce selling; your product will be only viewed when it has a nice presentation, and your model is the part of your presentation. Even if you don’t like the makeup of the model, it can be changed with beauty retouching. It is a good way to have varieties of makeup look from one image. Saving money and time is not a bad thing to do. We charge a low rate for beauty retouching.
Slogan – Make your model look flawless and your product confident.

model photo retouching

Beauty image retouching and model retouching are same altering process which needs professional advance features, even the image itself need a better camera and photographer who knows which model would better in a shot, in what, even if the photographer is very professional and doing it for so many years can a have some simple, tiny issue with the images. It’s not their fault neither the fault of the coworkers helping in the shoot, it happens often. Retouched images are used in Magazines, Fashion Models, Photographers and Agencies. We are expert in every sort of edits like- body reshaping and retouching, head shots, commercials, figure and facial work, magazine covers, photographer’s portfolios, Lingerie model retouching and glamour photo retouching. Model Retouching hides, deletes or improves every unwanted part i.e. blemishes, scars, moles and freckles; removing wrinkles, double chin, stray hair; naturalizing the skin tone or tanning; create virtual weight reduction or slimming; removing red eyes and brighten eyes or clearing eye whites; whitening and repairing of teeth; correction of nose; reduction or enhancing of lips or breasts; addition of makeup, lengthen and darken lashes; removing background distractions; creating glossy magazine type airbrushing; color correction, even if you need change in contrast or lighting up dark portrait.

Retouching blemishes, Acne,Scars, Moles and Freckles
Even expensive makeup cannot hide acne, moles, freckles and blemishes often, it takes a lot of time and good makeup skills to hide. Advance Photoshop editing can hide all these easily with the model retouching.

Even skin complexion
Apart from spots, sometimes skin tone can have differences in different body parts. Exact same complexion is needed to bring out the better result. Our professional designers bring out a smooth evening skin complexion.

Vanishing Wrinkles
Wrinkles are undesired and visible after an age on face, hands, and legs. Even a bikini model can have stretch marks on her arms, thighs and buttock, all of these can be hidden by advance Photoshop retouching.

“Virtual” Weight Removal

“Every curve is beautiful, embrace your curves and live happily”

Beauty is not about being only slim and fit. Over weighted people are also beautiful and stunning, but due to commercial causes you will always need a slim and fit model. It can be possibly hard to find one. It’s not necessary to have one on the right time of the shooting, and so weight removing retouching is done, reducing the sizes and weight virtually to make them look slimmer and fit.

Red Eye removal
during clicking the color of the eye of the model may change to red because of the flash exposed, making the model look scary instead of pretty. Changing the color, brightening the lens of the eyes makes the model look more attractive. You can also change the color of the lens to have a new look.

Whitening Teeth
You don’t need this often, most of the time the models are only expressing them with eyes and body structure, few smiles and in them very few needs a bit whitening teeth. Yellow teeth look gross and it ruins the beauty. Clear your yellowish teeth to white with whitening teeth retouching.

Makeup variants, longer and darker eyelashes
it is a dream of every woman to have longer lashes, and now it’s a trend to use fake lashes to look more attractive. Putting on an eyelash is hard and may even bother often. But by editing you can skip that. Even if you are not convinced with makeup and it doesn’t go with the outfit, makeup can be changed.

Product Photo Editor believes in improvement, and every sort thing in life need a little bit of touch of the magician. We are the magician you are looking for, we can create a “magic” with our work. Model retouching is what we get everyday work on. One of the most used service of ours. Our motive in this retouching is to give a flawless skin that matches with every visible body part of the model. Equal complexion, with zero blemishes and zero spots. Commercial image editing is attached with dramatic and HDR image editing. And we know our skills when, where to use, we are an expert in editing and we editing images for 12 years and still counting the good days. Our designers work on batches to complete the files within the deadline. We are ready to take challenges, we are capable of editing 1000 to 2000 images per day, so for the huge number images you don’t have to worry and we can provide you the images within the deadline with the best results.