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Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelry is most desired and worn by women; they buy them and wear them on special occasions. Every piece of jewelry is important to them. And who doesn’t like a shiny, sparkle stones? Even if you click a photo using a professional camera, still can have a bit of gloomy, dull stones. Jewelry retouching is the best way to get beautiful, sparkly stones present in the jewelry.
“Anything that glitters is not gold” only the shine and the glittering are not important, it also needs a bit of refining to have good warmth and eye-catching factor. Shoot with the products that have good designs and beautiful colors of stones. Best things should be presented first to attract and create an impression on the consumers, even if the other product is not that special, still they are convinced to buy it.

“We are best jewelry retouching editor in Asia. Working with the best; creating the best.”

Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelry retouching makes every visible part of the jewelry stunning, making it look precious and expensive. And women are always attracted to the simplicity but with a bit expensive or gorgeousness to make them look good. Some women even buy gold or diamonds to use it as a safety, whenever they are in a hard situation, they can sell it and have a good amount of money out of it to leave the odds. Such a clever thought, no? Women are very conscious and thoughtful about skipping a situation with good. And we respect that. We all do. So do my fellow photographers, they click amazing stunning pictures of jewelry to attract women; women are always convinced with the jewelry. Make you Jewelry shine.

Having a satisfied jewelry retouching needs a lot of refining. Jewelry often may have some unwanted spots, sharp edges, broken chains, and many more. Every sort of problem has a unique solution, and we give that solution. We do retouching, enhancement, image masking and color correction as well. We are careful about the corner of the jewelry and we make sure the jewelry looks excellently perfect. We don’t underestimate the flaws like inconsistency, inaccurate white balance, soft focus, unnecessary props, sloppy preparation, clumsy backgrounds, contrast lights, and reflections can make your jewelry look odd. And so we never skip that part of work.

Best software to create excellent jewelry retouching is by using Photoshop, it has all kinds of editing features and brushes to clean and undo all kinds of scratches, dirt and dullness. It removes blemishes and spots, does color and light correction, and in addition of more shine; scaling of images, enhancement of the pictures, removal of unwanted elements, and removal of poor reflection or dust. When everything gets settled we start sharpening the stones to make it more visible. The smaller the stone, the more the contrast is applied. And so while you are doing jewelry retouching you will notice that smaller stones are barely visible and so it needs more contrast than the bigger ones. Sharpening is done by Unsharp Mask Filter (USM). The 2-pass method is also applied, radius depends on the pixels of your picture, and the higher radius is used for printing, lower ones are for web-upload. Working on every layer is important to keep the contrast accurate and blended and also to maximize the ‘pop up’ factor. And we give our best to provide you the best jewelry retouching services.

Product Photo Editor knows how to create a Gold, Diamond or Platinum shine more and look perfect. We are professional editors working on batches every day on different kinds of editing. None of the edits are mixed with another. Every edited image is unique and different from another. We believe in keeping things secured and confidential, none of the images of yours will be used with your permission. Your work is secured with us. Our goodwill is based on your loyalty to our clients forever and we will maintain that until the end.