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Image Masking Service

Image masking and clipping path services are both quite similar but with some differences. Photo masking is mostly used for fur and hair present in the photo, either product or model can have. Through clipping path services it’s not possible to do such fine detaching, and so we image masking is needed to get smooth edges by blurring them. This gives those fine edges and a pure effect. Masking makes the strands more visible. It makes some image pixel’s intensity to zero and other to have non-zero.

Our professional handles all of the images by hand; none of the image is automatically done. Image masking shouldn’t be done automatically, it can cause a mess. This gives the edges of the object more smoothness than before.

Tools for image masking- there are many tools available for masking but mostly are done by Photoshop. Others are also well known for good output, like GIMP, Perfect Mask, Photo Wizard and many more. All of the tools have splendid brushes and different sharpening tools, all are very easy to use. Whatever you are habituated for and practiced on can bring out great results for Image masking. Our designers are expert on every tool.

Model Masking Service

Why not Photoshop CS6 for masking?
This particular software has some extra feature; it also allows using variant layers of the image. Utilizing this can help you to get rid of the layer you don’t desire. You may fill that mask using the color black. Think before using this software, mark all the flaws you want to hide in advance and the layers that will be visible and then use image masking, it will blend evenly.

Keep this on your mind that masking here deletes and edits layers of the images, not permanently, you can undo anytime.

You shouldn’t try masking if you have never edited before. It can ruin your images and leave you nothing. Product Photo Editor is an expert in all kinds of editing. Provide us the work and relax. Product Photo Editor can assure you all high standard image editing in a very cheap rate. We do masking per images at 1.99USD only. We are well experienced and well known for our good deeds and friendly nature all over the world. Our quality is never compromised and we never miss the deadline. We are always on time to deliver our services and take quotations.

You can also try our free trial, we are giving 2 images free cost editing to assure our quality, way of work and time limitations. We have a very cheap rate for image masking. We also revise for free. Or show us your sample to let us know about how you work and what you need. We love challenges, and we are capable of handling vast amount of files completing in certain time limit. Let us provide you world class standard service of photo editing, we satisfy every client equally.

‘Trust’ is a very heavy and strong word, once this word gets misused or replaced, it destroys lives. That is the only word we are scared to lose in our lives. Our profession strictly depends on that one word “Trust”. Once trust is gone, it gets hard to convince one person to look back. Outsourcing totally runs on the trust of our clients. We always try to keep that trust with us. We believe we are capable of keeping the trust of billions. We maintained our quality and friendship with our clients for 10years and will continue our habit to grow more.