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Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin service is a part of photo manipulation. Here the mannequin is refined to vanish and only to keep the product. Live models are very expensive these days, and also hard to get the perfect one according to the product. Photographers who new to this field may face some problems finding model, also can have issues to pay the model, for this problem the only solution is utilizing mannequins and the set the products to click anytime, anywhere as you want without any mess and hardship. Mannequin also used because it won’t move so it won’t cause any crumble to your cloth or apparel, it stays the way you keep it. You can change apparel anytime you like. Also it doesn’t even makeup, no touch up.

Ghost Mannequin service is a low cost idea without any problem. Even professional photographers are using mannequin to create new ideas and creativity in their work. Always models are not perfect for the shoot because some products are very soft and lousy to handle and if it gets ruined while wearing or shooting then you may get into a trouble. Mannequin stands straight without crumping you or destroying your product. And so it is better to use the mannequin as you can move the mannequin as you want and shoot from far behind without worrying to focus on the face also along with the product.

If you want to show your product front side and inner side both at a time, then mannequin effect is perfect. All you have to do is click some snaps of the inner part of the product like- company tags and pricing tag, and the front part of the product. Rest is the responsibility of the designer to edit and bring out the best. Outsourcers are best at manipulation as they are continuously working with the images and have creativity in all kinds of image alteration. Images are altered with the professional features which are all available at Photoshop. It offers amazing feathers and tools which can turn any dull image to interesting, fresh looking image. You can also create animations with the Photoshop, animated images needs a lot of time and patience, even more than clipping path. There is a lot of work just for one object. There are many more editing application and software as well just find the right one for you.

ghost mannequin effect

Neck join effectcan make your picture look more attractive by creating a mystery ‘who’s wearing the product’. Neck join needs a lot of editing to do like resizing, clipping/masking, enhancing, cropping and often may need color variants. Color variant is when you want a same product with different colors to show the product has many color options to choose with. Even if you don’t have the time to shoot more than one product, just click one product and send the other color samples. E-commerce photographer needs this the most, for their client. They are always in shoots, so they don’t have the time to click every colored subject to submit. Color variant saves their time and helps them to do more work.

Ghost mannequin service needs an experienced hand to create varieties, changing colors may get very messy and faulty, and the sample color or the product edited color may not match often. It’s a very sensitive work to do. One mistake can destroy the whole picture. You will find a lot of automatic color changing software to change but this software either changes the pixel or reduces the size of the actual image. Invisible mannequin effect should be always done by a professional editor who knows where to change and how. You can also use your assistants to wear the apparels or products if models and dummies aren’t available then will be altered with the ghost mannequin service to cut them out leaving the product only.

Not only this Ghost Mannequin effectis highly recommended by professionals because the use of this effect is very efficient as all the time they are not capable of handling multi models at a time with different outfits. Mostly the professional work with 20-50 products and even more, and if you think to click all the products with models then you will vent to the loss, as models are very expensive and every model is not for the product you working with. You will definitely need more than 5 models when the number of apparel items are more, with one model you will never get a variety of look and pose which will stand out the products rather than the model. Another issue is also that often the model takes the focus and the product gets no attention in that case also the dummy should be used.

Create an illusion with ghost mannequin effect; a good designer can easily change a normal picture into a world standard digital picture. Product Photo Editor has a huge number of designers, working on batches to complete all images before the deadline. Product Photo Editor has such talented and experienced designers, they can change any simple picture into an illusion, creativity is around us, and all we need is some accurate inspiration. Be our inspiration, work with us, and challenge us to provide you the best photo editing services in Asia. Our work is so precise that none can question the images as to be Photoshopped. We know our talent and we employ them according to the needs of the images. Our work is always quality approved and strong to create a completion with the other images.