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Ecommerce Image Editing Services

E-commerce photographers always need a face that is photogenic and has perfect visible jaw lines. And for that often they choose the option editing when they are not convinced the way the model looks. Every sort of differences and mistakes can be altered. The desire for online shopping is increasing more as the days are passing; people are so busy these days that they have hardly time for their family and friends. Online shopping saves their time to shop around all day. All they have to do is select and pay and the delivery is done at their footsteps.

The exact target of the sellers is how to grab attention of the people who buys online. People only consume the things they really like, and for that you image has to be very alluring and perfect. Consumer are always finding flaws, no matter how good the product is, they will still question you something weird and silly, but if the picture is attractive then you will saved from this mess. They will only ask for trial or buying the product. And E-commerce image editing services can take you out of these problems easily.

Ecommerce Image Editing Services

You target is our target to complete; we are always working on targets to complete and provide you good services.

Only a person has to be a model that’s not necessary, Fashion Apparels & Accessories, Jewelry, Furniture, Sports, Products, Cars, Electronics, Home & Kitchen Appliances and many more can be the model of your work. Every different model has different refining to do. Some may need image clipping, contrast and brightness adjusting, tags removal, background changing, noise reduction, masking, setting margins but commonly all they need is addition of watermark. Watermark can be of anything, either photographers or company logo. Everything is easily done.

Image clipping service – When you are working with the E-commerce imageediting models will need clipping or masking; it depends on the edges of the product and model to detach the subject from the image. If it is the model then you will need masking as the hair of the models can’t be clipped. Clipping path hardens the edges makes it standout through the image so that the product or the object is clearly visible. You can’t smooth the lines after using the clipping path, it makes the permanent effect that can’t be reserved or altered with other options. But image masking automatically smoothen the lines without harming any smoothness of the hair or fur, which is very important and working the masking is very easy to do. It is very fast and less timely than the clipping path. As clipping path covers the whole body of the model and masking only takes the hair part.

Adjusting brightness and contrast-E-commerce image editing has to be perfect, too bright image will not show anything but whiteness, often the image needs darkening to bring out the natural color and the designs of the product. Contrast is either increased or decreased to show the fine lines and cuts of the product. Or else the unique lines and the product diversity won’t be visible enough. Often sharpening is also done if the product has stones in it, smaller stones need more sharpening to be visible enough.

Tags Removal- Some products have extra tags that has no use to us but for the retailers it is useful. Those unwanted tags are deleted or vanished. Often tags are replaced also if the clients are not satisfied with the logos in the tag.

Background removal service – Mostly the image has unwanted backgrounds and spots behind. Removing background or changing background can make you photo look more attractive. You can use different color to create diversions and also some photographers uses patterned and animal skin background to stand out the products more. It is mostly used on the E-commerce image editing as the most products need the background removal only.

Addition of Watermark- Adding watermark is very important to do. When you add watermark it makes your pictures authorized and owned by you or the company. So no one can claim copyright or you can claim copyright easily.

There are many more basic alterations for E-commerce image editing like-

Resizing- mostly the tiff files are too heavy and if you add the raw files without resizing then it will make your site load slow and the customers will switch to other sites where the images are loading faster.

Exposure- overdoing of this will make you product vanish and so the limited use of this should be used.

Sharpening- smaller particles of the product is less visible and so the images are sharpened to an exact measurement that brings out the smaller particles and makes it look more attractive.

Saturation and warmth- they are both alike but saturation gives a yellowish shade when increased and warmth gives a reddish yellow shade, both are quite similar but have different subject to work on.

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