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Color Correction Services

Color correction is the process where the gradient of the image is changed into a certain style, where it is combined with the technique creativity. Color correction can change the exposed and hidden incorrect color grading into perfect one.

There are many software and application where you will find the tools and features to correct the colors. Some of the tool may cause the same result and so you have to be careful while you are using either of the tools.

Fast Color correction- while utilizing this tool you can select color and it’s opacity from the coloring wheel, eyedropper is used for white balancing. Using eyedropper you can increase or decrease saturation and maintain the levels. It is mostly used for on-fly-color correction.
Luma and RGB- this helps to alter the Red, Green and Blue channels separately. ‘S curves’ helps to edit contrast, increase highlight and balances shadow. The more complex curve the more contrast, use the waveform to supervise your changes.

Color Correction Services

Three- way Color correction- It is quite same as the fast color correction but has more control on the correction, where instead of one wheel there is 3 wheels which are used to monitor different edits like shadows, midtones and highlight.

Secondary color correction- it allows to create mask over a specific part of the image.

You can also use other software to create the images into perfect colors. Color correction is best for the dull images. If your image is unattractive and has a lacking that you don’t understand then it needs color correction.

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