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Background Removal Service

When we talk about background removing, first thing that comes to mind is clipping path or image masking. You cannot do background removal service without doing clipping path or masking, these two edits detach the object from the image to create a new background. Background removing is very essential when you have no proper background or you want a background that matches and focuses your product or object. Background removing is the best way to remove unwanted materials; you don’t have to click again to get this mess out.

Several tools are used for background removal service; Channel Mask, Background Eraser Tool, Pen Tool and Magnetic Lasso are the most effective ones. Pen tool draws the blue outline along the subject to detach it.  Afterward, mostly the image changes to a new white background or color variant background, as desired by the clients. Other than Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint, ArcSoftPhoto Studio can be used to change as well.

Background removal service can change whole image view and when you change it with a new background it will create the subject more noticeable. A better background says a lot about the product. Product photography needs a lot of attention from the audiences, or else sales decrease rapidly. You only buy something when you like it. And online people are in such a hurry that they keep on changing their mind. Catch your audiences with your images; make them think about your product. Changing the background according to your photo, adjusting them is very important.

Background Removal Service

We are professional editors and we edit photos every day. If you want we can save you from this experimental editing pain. Reduce the stress and leave the work on us. If you are unsure about the editing then you can send us files and we will edit 2 images for you at zero cost. We offer background removal service at very low cost and also we offer the shadow making services as a package.

Product photo editor is always there to help you. Either day or night we serve all the time, our designer works on batches to complete files before the deadline. Our quality is our power; we have our goodwill for 12 years and still counting. You don’t have to worry about the quality or the security; we don’t use any of the images from our clients without permission. You can trust us for the security of your files. Give us a try, you won’t be unsatisfied. Our services start from just 39cents and we have impressive offers and deals for our regular clients, and even for the new clients. Just send us 2 images for the free trial and we are ready to work. We don’t charge any cost for the revision or the correction of the errors, feel free to share the requirements with us, we are always ready to help.

Other than background removal service we provide more services like-

E-commerce image editing- Dummies can be easily converted into an invisible person wearing the product. This increases the sales by creating phantom. The process is called neck joint or ghost mannequin service. Other than that you may need more services like shadow making, background removal service and other image manipulation to create a concrete look of the image.

Beauty retouching- Models always need a bit of correction on their skin as no one is perfect. There are always some spots on the face and on the body which needs to be removed to make the skin look flawless. Other than that the weight removal is also done to decrease the cellulose of the body and shape the body as a normal skinny or lean figure or physic as the clients need. You can also change the makeup with this service, Photoshop allows to change the makeup and create new looks.

Jewelry retouching- Jewelry always needs to shine and sparkle and when you edit the smaller stones with the sharpening it brings the stones to the light. Jewelry is always adored by the women and they love the sparkle of them. More the sparkles the more interested customer you have but overdoing it may show nothing of the design. Try to use in a limit to make it look better.